July 26, 2021

a GoFullPage by any other name would smell as sweet 🌹

For the past year and some change,

I've been operating an app mrcoles built almost 10 years ago: GoFullPage (fka Full Page Screen Capture).

One of the first things I did was change our name—we had learned the hard way that we had no IP protection in the face of a copycat app. For the name change, I became aware of trademark defensibility: 

Trademark Distinctiveness.png
2 Fast 2 Furious > The Fate of the Furious > Fast 5 > The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift > Fast & Furious

After a couple advertisement tests and, with the domain already in use for our website, we committed to the name change:

I guess we're now somewhere in the middle of the distinctiveness spectrum: suggestive? 

And we just hit the year mark on the new name!


Why Notion has a Somalian domain

I'm glad we made the leap however, it seems in some cases, a company's name is really not that big of a in point, Notion...

Have you ever wondered why Notion's website is:

I was typing it in the other day and was wondering if there was a cute reference or wordplay that I was missing (shout-out to all the .ly websites out there), so I looked it up and found this year-old Reddit thread asking this very question that a Notion person replied to:

".so was available" 

I absolutely love this, the arbitrariness of it all. It's a nice vignette amidst the heady teeth-grinding, world-forming narratives of tech companies. And this applies to the branding/naming discussion because 1) they weren't deterred to plow forward with the name Notion despite the ubiquity of the name??? and 2) website URL very important for an internet biz's brand!

Anyhow I think this in the end shows that good product wins out ?!?!? Most important is that people like using/consuming your product, it's helpful and easy to use, etc.; a good name is simply a bonus 🍒

While this might be an obvious point, there was still a tizzy of naming anxiety this week among Product Hunt people:

P.S. emojipedia entry for 🍒: 

idk'ed about all that, I just happened to be eating cherries 😮