March 8, 2021

...and I find myself jumping platforms yet again

I've been writing on Substack, but now I'm jumping headfirst into a brand spankin' new space for writing/sharing: !

For some context, is a paid email provider that unfurled to much fanfare this past summer. I was collapsing under the weight of the 5-8 personal email addresses I use, and so what better way to combat email fatigue than adding a whole other email address to the mix ?!

A tad counterproductive, yes I agree, but I saw their product launch video and was sold. And so far it’s been pretty frickin great:
  • On a normal morning, Hey only puts 4-5 emails in front of me when I actually receive close to 150. I want to look at the other ones at some point, but I don’t need them in my space all the time. 
  • I like the basecamp people. They're big into alternative funding which feels particularly under threat ( RIP 😭😭), at a time where we as a world need much less VC-funded tech. As a user, product person, and a fantasyland idealist, I trust companies more that can grow at their own pace and also am hoping we'll all one day be released from the hockey stick-shaped motivations that come with VC funding. 

So here I am on! I think it’s also a much better fit for whatever I’m trying to do here—

So here I am, taking in new information and bouncing my way around the internet. I'm forging a new path in tech and, in that vein, am trying my best to consider carefully where I spend time and share things online ⭐