July 18, 2022

🌊how to keep house while drowning🌊

I came across this Tweet a couple weeks ago:

And it truly called to me! Living and working out of the same space has indeed left me feeling like I am drowning, tidying only to have to tidy even more, enjoying my space for one whole hour before it falls into disrepair again, rinse and repeat this cycle, day in and day out. 

So off I went:

And it was glorious. I breezed through the book, and found it incredibly constructive, actionable, and shame-relieving. Just what the doctor ordered. Here's some of what I'm going to carry around with me as I learn to make my space serve me (rather than the other way around): 
🙃 tidying, decluttering, cleaning as a kindness to future me 
🧹 thinking of the work as "resetting the space", instead of cleaning
💃 enjoyment/process that makes sense is more important than quickness and efficiency
🧺 think of your space as functional, not aesthetic. see where things begin to lie naturally based off of how you actually use them, and then just put baskets/trays/organizers where things naturally go
⌛ make use of built-in wait times, like waiting for the water to boil, for the washer/dryer to finish, a delivery to come. Use these wait times as a way to timebox
📺 rest is not just sleep, nor is it care tasks (like groceries, showering, haircut). rest is meant to be fun and rejuvenating!
💛 if I fall behind, or don't do everything I'd like; conceive of this as rest and a kindness to myself, rather than a failure
🛍 designate a restock day! rather than constantly running around to restock on things whenever they are suddenly necessary
🎶 rhythm rather than routine
🏎 create momentum
🌃 decide on some closing duties that would be nice to get to each night for the best tomorrow: resetting my work desk and resetting the living room table

Though the book is specific to cleaning and organizing, it's relevant to all general life management skills, with a foundational shame-relieving element. I was subconsciously doing a lot of the tips in this book, but I didn't necessarily name them as intentionally as K.C. Davis has. And for that, I am proud of the way I have already been coping and managing the minutia of life, and looking forward to feeling even better in future 💪