December 27, 2021

Keep Christmas with you /

All through the year / When Christmas is over / You can keep it near

wishing that you and yours have the Happiest Holidays and a Happy New Year \( ̄︶ ̄*\)). And wishing that anyone whose holiday plans were disrupted has an opportunity to honor whatever about the holidays feels special to you at a safer, better time

our deco of late 

sleepy and gunchin'
A fiendish Christmas Day puzzle. An artist drew some very fun, spunky graphics over a relatively simple puzzle—we didn’t know what was drawn on top of the puzzle until it was done. The drawings covered more of the pattern than it would seem !!

ending the weekend with the SERIES FINALE (!! 😭😭) of Insecure. Such an amazing, wise, thoughtful, complicated, real show, and such a satisfying, meaningful arc for the characters and where they find love and light by the series' end. bravo, bravissimo