October 24, 2022

Kwee’s October in photos


Life finds a way. The last photo: bags of dog poo accumulate on the windshield of this car as week(s) go by. The car doesn’t move from this spot despite weekly street cleaning, and even though poo bags accumulate, parking tickets do not. A mystery! I’m just happy to see dog poo conquering a car (it’s not Ziggy’s poo bags, our bags are green 💚)
I’ve started soaking chia seeds in a glass of water in the morning, and drinking at night. It’s too soon to tell any immediate health benefits, but it’s a ritual that gets me excited to drink water at night (always a struggle). It reminds me of the chewy, gummy things I grew up drinking like boba, grass jelly drink, aloe Vera, taro…

Finally made my way to Dia Beacon

My favorites of the day: Melvin Edwards & Charles Gaines 
New York, New York: city lights/tourist trap, floodlight light pollution (FYI, ”light pollution experts generally say there is no substantial evidence that more light amounts to greater safety”), signage for the city’s greatest parasites (real estate developers, in this case Vornado realty trust), and confusing as heck street parking signs. 

Spooky szn: Guess who ! 

A lil boy and his couch 
Remains of the day 
Tested negative multiple times for COVID and 2 strains of flu. Turns out the common cold still exists 

Idk what this show is called, it’ll just continue being Game of Thrones to me, but I do know I love it. Though I hope they stop developing character arcs with the use of graphic childbirths. Believe it or not, there can be other important experiences in a woman’s lifespan !! 
I’ll always be a 99 Ranch girlie at heart 🇹🇼, but I ♥️ H Mart