June 27, 2021

kwee's week in photos

first time in a theater in 15 months

magical jellies

left: god's creation; right: man's creation

have you ever heard of a dessert called a fool??
first time on the NYC subway in 15 months
She's a maniac, maniac on the floor, and she's dancing like she's never danced before

a day in my grandparents' garden: roses, strawberries, sweet potatoes, grapes, hydrangeas, a peter
my grandparents grow sweet potatoes for their leaves! my grandma shaves the stalks with a razor (because they're too tough otherwise) and then stir-fries in oil and garlic and it's absolutely delicious and extremely nutricious 👩‍🍳🤤
trying to communicate how to use technology to seniors is a whole challenge, trying to communicate it across several language barriers is sisyphean (but I don't give up !!!)
龍須菜 (dragon’s whisker, Graciliaria), 黑椒牛柳 (sizzling beef filet in black pepper sauce), 台灣式炸排骨 (taiwanese fried pork chop), 客家筍乾燒肉 (Hakka-style braised pork belly with bamboo shoots), 清炒絲瓜 (stir fried loofah, my grandparents use the dried version as an actual cleaning loofah 🧽), 酸辣湯 (hot and sour soup)

ending the day in my film-noirest dreams