May 3, 2021

kwee's week in photos

Solaris / 2001
Solaris / Upstream Color via Kneipp's Lavender Bath Oil
a conversation between Gloria Steinem and Vanessa Springora, the latter of whom wrote the completely devastating and spell-binding book Consent 
小白菜 (baby bok choy) my absolute favorite vegetable
finally the streets of new york city are rightfully tarred and feathered
this video is from September 2019. Jasper, an 80-lb gentle giant, was one of my favorite neighbor-dogs and he used to sit on me and wag his tail in my face. He died from cancer this week, and we happened to be walking out as he left the apartment for the last time. He was clearly in pain and was moving very slowly, but was so happy to see us. I'm heartbroken that he's gone.
I opened my backpack for the first time since March of 2020 this week and emptied its contents. A time capsule: lesson plan from REAP, a WeWork umbrella, chapstick, napkins, various sweets, business school nameplate and nametag, a red pen, a keycard from a class retreat, a penny, a binder clip.
a trip to posteritati

P.S. a weird moment to be writing this on a Basecamp product. my week was absolutely consumed by the events at Basecamp (hint: I'm enraged). But I have some time to consider if I continue paying for Hey beyond my first year's sub so I stay here...for now...