March 6, 2023

kwee's week in photos

left: "Chester Pinning Ziggy" (2023)
right: "Judith Beheading Holofernes" (Caravaggio c. 1598–1599 or 1602)
late winter sun blur
BRIC Poetry Slam led by Mahogany L. Browne and Jive Poetic

FaceTimes with Reid


what were once beets from bar b 
dog pile

I luv magic 🪄♠️♥️♦️♣️🪄
lilo ❣️

the old haunt
I just got a ring from L'Enchanteur and I am in love. With the ring, the brand, the ring box 💍
my favorite road dahl excerpt, from The Twits
All I've wanted for awhile is a loving partner, a dog to call my own, and time/space to read, read, and read some more ♥️. This is all I've wanted, and now that I have it, continues to be really all I want for the foreseeable future.
Caught napping while reading Jacobin's ABCs of Capitalism, lent to me by new friend Brian. My favorite idea that is new to me so far: "capitalists aren't motivated by greed but by market pressures." The point here is that the cruelties of capitalism aren't exclusively due to cruel individuals, but rather the design of the system itself. It's a more useful and honest way of seeing things. To think otherwise might lead to the wrong, wrong, wrong idea that we can train good capitalists and root out bad ones.
To that point, going to business school was the most radicalizing thing that could have ever happened to me. More on this at some point if I can ever gain enough clarity.