July 12, 2021

kwee’s week in photos

Saw my old Chinese teacher from the ICLP program in the translation acknowledgments of an incredible piece of Taiwanese queer speculative fiction (The Membranes)
First Shabu-Shabu in a year and a half:
Celebrated 4th of July by taking in a US anthem lip sync from Marti Allen-Cummings !!! Made all the more patriotic by the fact that Marti just ran a historic campaign for NY city council as the first non-binary candidate. (Coincidentally, Marti was the runner-up to winner Shaun Abreu whom I knew in college, congrats Shaun 🎉)
New Yawk
Rockets Redglare 

Not-so-little cousin headed to Columbia in the fall 🥳 
Welcome 👁
the audacity of the caucasity 
V !!!