May 17, 2021

kwee's week in photos

645am light
I had never seen Jumanji before 🦇🐒🦟🦁🦏🐘🐊
Just the right amount of tackiness/wackiness for a drive-in
A 13-yo Kirsten Dunst ⭐
Enjoyed a fruity sour beer descriptively named Purple Beer at local brewery High Nine
a fine English breakfast fry: chipolatas, baked beans, mash, bacon, fried eggs, buttered toast, fried tomato, iced tea (this last one not very English :/)
3pm light
The way Muhammed El-Kurd handled distorted framing and bad faith questions on major news outlets all while living in the immediate chaos of Israel's aggression and violent oppression:

Robyn Curnow: Well Muhammed El-Kurd joins me now from Sheikh Jarrah, thank you very much for joining us, you grew up in the neighborhood, your family home is slated for eviction, what is the scene right now?

Muhammed El-Kurd: Well, I...thank you so much for having start, it's not really an eviction, it's forced ethnic displacement, to be accurate. Because an eviction implies legal authority while the Israeli occupation has no legitimate jurisdiction over the eastern parts of occupied Jerusalem under international law. It also implies the presence of a landlord and certainly these Israeli settlers have not built our homes, they're not our landlords, they don't own our land. And thirdly, eviction does not imply the hundreds and hundreds of heavily armed police and army and settlers colluding, blowing up your doors, throwing your children from your windows, and using brute force to throw you out in the street, and assaulting and arrest you should you resist. It doesn't imply the grenades, it doesn't imply the rubber-coated bullets. It's not an eviction. According to the UN and countless politicians and human rights organizations, it could amount to war crimes, actually. The situation is pretty tense I can tell you and we're very scared of losing our homes to Israeli settler organizations.

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#SaveSheikhJarrah, #FreePalestine
Top: currently reading Valeria Luiselli's The Story of My Teeth. She puts gorgeous ponderous Chinese quotes such as this one between each chapter. 
Middle: I asked my mother if she was familiar with this quote, turns out Luiselli made it up, which tracks with the way the book is unfolding 
End: a plaster model of teeth that we had lying around
Final: bonus Twitter teeth
captured a win on the local Bingo circuit (this round we were seeking an X) // celebrated with s'mores