July 25, 2022

kwee's week in photos

PLEASE SEND TO REAL LIFE: Ray Johnson Photographs
I'm becoming a bit of a sudoku fiend, and also a whiz at the Apple photo editing tools
this taproot!! proud!!!
2 people I love are engaged ❣❣❣

"can't believe this website is free", as they say
I loved Nope. so, so much. a frickin spectacle, layered if you want it to be, straightforward if you want it to be. several scenes where I was extremely freaked out, while also helplessly laughing out loud from the sheer comedy. 

separately, the creepiest "Nope" thing is happening to me. On Wednesday or Thursday, I visited the companion website for Jupiter's Claim on my phone; I played all the games and navigated the pages. After exiting the webpage completely and shutting down the browser I opened it on, the Jupiter's Claim music is sporadically playing on my phone, randomly, several days later...

a quote I learned from Boo, a Scottish lass, that I can't seem to confirm on the internet but that I think is great nonetheless

Hormel's Chili, March 23, 2020.

On this deeply muggy, jungle-humid day in NYC, I miscalculated my heat tolerance and suffered a bout of heat exhaustion. Pre-heat exhaustion episode, I had started reading Herzog's first novel that came out last month, about a Japanese man who lived in a jungle alone for decades, fighting a war he wasn't aware had ended. 
"But when I say this, I say this all full of admiration for the jungle. It is not that I hate it; I love it, I love it very much. But I love it against my better judgment." — Werner Herzog during the making of Fitzcarraldo in the jungles of Peru

the ziglet