December 12, 2022

kwee’s weeks in photos

Reid, such a constant heart ♥️ 

The Washington Post is ending its magazine. From a recent round-up, a heartbreaking, poignant piece on animal abuse from Gene Weingarten. It made me want to be a better human, and especially more gentle to my little beastie. 
A lil puffer fish @ Singlish

I met a very nice man recently who works for the ever-great Cardi B, and I fell out of my chair telling him how much I adore and admire her. He sent me a box of her merch 😭😭😭😭
Our friend Vish spontaneously suggested we all go see Stomp recently. We’re all the better for it because it’s apparently ending its historic run 😭

Current obsession: hot pot, messy and as often as possible 
Birdland with Kitti (who was recently spotted by @newyorknico, #9 in the photodump)
My primary use for TikTok are the random generator filters 
Cheating on ziggy with miss nellie 

It looks like they’re still setting their e-comm up, but I loved these nail stickers, found by my new friend Hangda at the Union Square Holiday Market
At least we know my mid-length rain jacket works 

Ziggy and his bestie, Chestie 

I really love the Momofuku dried noodle variety pack. Easy, delish, and I get to mix and match the noods with whatever veggie+protein combo I like. My easiest, go-to weekday lunch or dinner 🍲 
Tree + my favorite ornaments (left to right, top to bottom): 
1. pup ornament drawn by my dear friend Ben (2016)
2. my newest ornament, made by little Zacky using some crayon shavings and a hair dryer (2022) 
3. ornament from Blarney 💋 (2022) 
4. ornament from Vienna of one of their Lipizzaners (2018)
5. ornament from our extended stay in Connecticut (2021)
6. ornament (really a keychain) from Tunisia, a country I got to visit just before the pandemic (2020)
Goooood night 🛁