January 22, 2024

kwee’s weeks in photos

HNY 2024 + rose parade 🌹
—Marie Antoinette
“Language-learning app Duolingo has been steadily firing contract writers and translators, replacing them with artificial intelligence, in one of the most high-profile instances yet of a company getting rid of human workers in favor of AI.
Trying to spend less on eating out, so trying to make our home meals more of an *occasion*
Scenes from a fambly 👹
Manifesting instead of training: in 2024, I am going to be a part of a winning trivia team. 

My friend Jackson was named the art critic at the New Yorker this past summer!!! He’s churned out quite a few pieces this fall, all with searing wit and rich insight. This sentence from his recent article about Manet and Degas sent me into a tailspin 🫠 

Recent Phaidon haul. A gift, a dream: I got to pick out whatever I wanted from a long table of piles of books 📚😭
January 😭

But January ⛄️
…will be having a show in March. Be on the lookout 🎻

Also, the ever-talented Gabby Beans is currently helming the show Jonah, which shattered my heart and then lovingly vacuumed up the pieces. Go see it !!! 
One more person this month whose creative output I’m cheering: Nymphia Wind. A banana-flavored force to be reckoned with, I’m obsessed!!!!! A Taiwanese national treasure, doing us proud 🍌🇹🇼❤️