June 10, 2024

kwee’s weeks in photos

~+70 years 

Engagement 🎉
a wine that supports auteurist filmmaking 💯

Unwinged Victory of Samothrace 

The wide range of typographies, designs, and impressions people made with Chinese seals (A Square Space Incised with Emotions)

Joan Jonas: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

Forever love for Catmint’s wheel cakes 
Did you know 
A timeless grocery list 
Jenny twins 🤍👖

First glimpses of this year’s lanternflies 
Bold Forbes
Karon Davis, Curtain Call
Labor Day Lewks 
Beautiful Neighbor Barry
Hearing the experiences of Palestinian-Americans that grew up in Gaza: harrowing, heartbreaking stories with the suffering and senseless slaughter only continuing and compounding. Solidarity with the families of Palestine
Najla Khass on Instagram to follow for more 
‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’ star Donald Trump has been indicted on criminal charges.

Rhubarb Cake from Jenny
Wonderful new music + videos have been coming out from the angelic Cassandra Jenkins

Hoot and holler at this hilarious short film resurfaced by archivist Stephanie Jenkins about getting rid of roaches in 1970s NYC
Happy Men’s Mental Health Awareness and Pride Month(s)
Figgy, fka Figs, Lizzy, and friends. 
Cutie in the sky

Brooklyn Botanical ❤️
I shall not pass 
In conclusion