October 18, 2021

kwee’s weeks in photos

back in my old world, back with a lot of former places, peoples, and things. Feeling differently, sometimes better, sometimes worse—but knowing when to leave and when to stay, and the spaces/ppl that are good for da energy ⚡️

Fun fact: I used to live below Sarah, who was recently described by the New Yorker as having "a voice that could soothe a charging tiger" 🐅 
Thirsty plantie 

Thank u for the smiles 
The Book of Eels
Morningsiders ♥ 
🐶 👅 I’m the fun weekend auntie for any and all New Yorker dogs  
Amen sista, a good tote bag a good outfit

Many masks, many selves 
A couple of sweets. C described our home as “cluttered in, like a, really beautiful way” 📚🪴🖼🍛

St. Vincent at Radio City. Our friend Cassie was supposed to open which was going to be such! an! exciting! wonderful! thing! but St. Vincent ended up canceling openers on her tour in order to minimize COVID risks 😭 Cassie's touring all round the world though in the coming months, so be sure to find her ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪ 
A joyful social SW!NG OUT at the Joyce Theater 
hbd z 💕
Spotted: Terry Allen behind the bar at Yellow Rose (a very yummy resto btw)
An absolutely divine meal at Sarashina Horii