July 17, 2023

kwee’s weeks in photos

July: 💋🚽

Looty, seriously
Saha and Coetzee ❣️🥲
Friend Brian put a new album out: The Arc ♥️♥️♥️

Halloween 2007 😭

Alston Lake, with Alan and Cusco 

Drive-in Dial of Destiny on a rainy, lightning-filled night ((immersive)) But I’ll eat some corn and watch a fire work 
Hiding from the horseflies 

Yummies: on the left, beauty delish paella. on the right, a burrito from La Placita, it’s my favorite thing to eat in central Connecticut !!!! 

Cool guy Z
Pretty Connecticut 


Parable of the Sower: a moving, galvanizing opera from Toshi Reagon based on the book by Octavia Butler. For the last song, the front sections of the Orchestra seating section suddenly stood up and walked onstage; turns out these audience members were part of the Songs of the Living Community Choir. Seeing the audience step up and join together in song conveyed an astonishing, electrifying collective power 
Celebrating the bombest Dom, who is getting married ♥️💍😁

More matrimony: fiancés @ Crown Shy 
Rip 😔