June 14, 2021

🗳️ NYC mayoral primary 🗳️

RANKED CHOICE!! has! arrived! in NYC! 

(This is for the 2021 New York City mayoral Democratic and Republican primaries on June 22, 2021). I am so excited to participate in a ranked choice election. I genuinely believe that we would have a different president today (and not Trump) if we had a ranked choice election for the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries.  
So, with that in mind, I am excited and feel very engaged with a process that might just represent my political priorities better than voting processes of the past.

Research, research, research

I had no idea where to start with the very crowded field, but was happy to see this tweet a couple weeks ago from a reporter at The City:

and here's the link for the questionnaire

I followed the questionnaire and got accustomed to who everyone was, where they stood, any statements or policy promises they've made. Super helpful!

GoFullPage - The City Questionnaire.png
...and you can use a little something called GoFullPage (on Chrome or Edge) to take a screenshot of your entire questionnaire 😏 for safekeeping

Here were my mayor matches:
Mayor Matches.png

With this starting point, I did some reading and poking around to flesh out what would really be the best voting strategy here.

A couple tips I picked up along the way:
1. only rank people you would enjoy/tolerate in the mayor's office, don't rank them at all if you can't stand the idea of them:

2. But at the same time, try to max out your ballot with candidates because you could end up having an exhausted ballot:
ballot exhaustion.png

If you want to know my final rankings for my mayor vote, email me and I'd be happy to share what I decided and why 👩🏻‍⚖️

A ranked choice simulation, if it helps

And here's a ranked choice simulation suggested by De Blasio that helps demonstrates how this all will work:

Make sure to click into results to see how the voting ends up picking a winner ⭐🍎⭐