April 4, 2023



beautiful kinetic alive city
the last 3 images are a boutique called Tienda Q

a wedding

chinese tea ceremony
beautiful bride (on her 4th dress of the night)


some of the places in these photos: Kiyo Cafe, Las Quinces Letras

p&c xmas card pic time


good good food food

from left to right, top to bottom: Levadura de Ollo, Casa Oaxaca, Concha from Boulenc, the courtyard at Criollo, the seating area at Criollo (my personal favorite meal of the trip),  Tamal Oaxaqueno de Mole Negro Con Pollo from Tamales Doña Mari, delicious tamal, morning P&C with tamal, 2-day old concha brought back to NYC 

"Gringos go home you are a plague here and the locals hate you" & other messages & street art

What to know before traveling to Oaxaca from Mezcalistas: "my hat goes off to the very few people I know who have made a commitment to not travel to foreign countries unless they’re invited. I admire this approach because being invited opens the possibility for more transformative cultural experiences." This is something I'm going to think about much more in the future, after going on this trip and seeing the very legitimate resentment and feelings of anti-tourism. It was already my preference to visit places only when invited by a person I know there, just because I thought it was a more fun cultural experience, but this post from Mezcalistas crystallizes all the other anti-colonial reasons why this is good practice.

Many of the prints plastered on the streets were made by the artist collective Colectivo Subterráneos: "We exist, because we resist. For the oppressed, for the invisible, for those who wanted to bury, the underground, we exist."

The names and faces of people who had committed femicide or sexual abuse were also publicized on the streets with signs and posters. The victim in this particular case was Dr. Jasibhe Natalie Díaz Morales, a gynecologist and president of the Association for Violence against Women. 

"Muerte al estado" with the anarchy sign, written across the doors of a catholic church, El Templo de San Felipe Neri.


A wood carving made from Copal; translation of what's written on the candle; Copal Veladora


And now it’s April