December 9, 2021

OOTD + supporting indie film

every day is halloween

I put on an outfit this morning that I thought was a feelin-myself, fun-girl, girl-about-town look. Black long-sleeve shirt, gold chain, blue jeans—pretty standard stuff?? But then halfway through the day Peter innocently asked to take a picture of me and it turned out I was just cosplaying the one, the only, ⛰the rock⛰:

claire 'the rock' johnson is a good lewk, tho??

I hope my internet-saturated subconscious coughs up this celeb meme next:

in other news, some cool film things to support

two friends of mine are currently fundraising for their short films:

1. Nostos executive produced and written by Gabby Beans
"“Nostos” follows a gentrifier as he attempts to get into his locked apartment after a night out. As we experience his reckless and drunken transit through the neighborhood, the film asks us to consider what “home" really means in an urban setting of rapid development and subsequently, displacement."
Check out and donate here:

2. Ringing Rocks directed and written by Gus Reed
"Ringing Rocks is, first and foremost, a relationship drama about what it means to try to build a life with the person you love when the ground beneath you seems to be made of shifting sands. Horror elements enter into this love story as eerie exaggerations of very recognizable realities of our world in 2021."
Check out and donate here: