April 19, 2021


it was a dark, heavy, relentless week. 

Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo, the continuing trauma of George Floyd's murder at the Derek Chauvin trial. The villainization of victims, the villainization of justified outrage. brutality at the protests protesting police brutality, brutality all the way down. 
Jim Pagels. An urbanist and bike safety advocate who was hit by a car while biking to a date. A close friend to several in my life, a person I observed and experienced as kind, gentle, thoughtful, and earnest.

The Sikh hate-crime aspect of the Fedex shooting (in addition to the horrifying fact that FedEx requires employees to lock up their phones). A new mass shooting reported each day, happening too quickly to track. I visited this page around 11:30pm, a new line on the spreadsheet appeared at 11:40pm.

Every deeply ugly, interconnected ill in our society seems to come dancing across the breaking news alerts every couple of minutes. This country is homicidal.

I am exhausted, I am scared, I'm scared for loved ones and people in general all around the country. Seeking and cherishing gentleness. Fighting.