May 23, 2022

the graduate

A ceremony 2 years belated…marking what is likely the end of my formal schooling, and the end of my undergrad/grad 🍎Columbia🦁 tenure:

A bit rainy & gray

Caught on the kiss-cam
From where I sat, I could see the windows of my undergrad freshman, sophomore, and junior year dorms 😭😭😭

2022 // 2014
accoutrements 🧙🏻‍♀️

I was very ambivalent about attending: I didn’t think I needed a commencement ceremony, and I also didn’t want to revisit business school (which was an overwhelmingly negative experience for me). 
BUT it ended up feeling meaningful to acknowledge the end of a chapter, appreciate the *entirety* of my time at Columbia, and express/feel gratitude for those who took me through these experiences good and bad 🎭