February 28, 2022

the week in tweet threads

There was so much reporting and analysis this week on what's happening in Ukraine. I didn't (and still don't) know the history and geopolitics surrounding the crisis, but turned to Twitter, my favorite firehose of information, to try and begin parsing the conflict through the lens of commentators I trust (or are trusted by those I trust). 
Here are some tweet threads I found enlightening, compelling, or thought-provoking: 

re: that AnnaLynne McCord Video

A theory on the pro-Putin contingent in the US:

A faraway good guy, bad guy


a great point

a long, but interesting round-up


too long a thread to share here, so visit the link:

And lastly, not Twitter, but: The NYTimes' Daily podcast was a helpful starting point for making the crisis live and immediate to those of us who are far away

There are more episodes from all last week that I'm sure are useful and informative, but these were the two I listened to.