November 28, 2022


What I’m grateful for:

  • thinking & feeling people
The thinker-feelers that express things the most profoundly for me are the moviemaking philosophers 🎥

  • chosen family
A very stylish Taiwanese kid gang from Growing Up (1983)

  • family

  • Long, winding conversations, over food 
Over hot pot, most preferably

  • 55-70 degree days and sunshine
But perhaps, more importantly, temperate days in the context of seasons. Unchanging weather feels like purgatory

  • clean air, water, food
Unclear how much longer we will have a clean world, or even if we currently do, but I’m grateful nonetheless 

  • Kneipp Herbal Bath Oil
At approximately $1.40/bath, this is the best ratio of cost-to-satisfaction for a wellness product 

  • public movie theaters, large and small
I love my indie repertory cinemas, but I also think there’s a place for the AMCs and Regals of the world

  • physical bookstores, large and small
    • fun fact: Shannon DeVito, who is quoted in that NYT article as the director of Books at B&N, once gifted me the entire Neapolitan Novels set. We've since lost touch, but it was the most wonderful gift that I am still so thankful for.
Nicolas Party @ Rizzoli Bookstore, interviewed by my dear friend Simon 💕

  • H Mart: I can now enter and exit with my week's worth of groceries in 6 minutes flat.
    • Also grateful for bok choy, specifically 
Though this is a photo of Napa cabbage

  • farmers' market apples
Or hand-picked apples, if we can swing it!

  • public transportation
🖕 car culture, destroyer of worlds 

  • Z's village: Andrei, Chester/Andrew
It takes a village to calm a relentless spirit 

  • Peter taking the morning shift
This used to be my job, but we realized it was ruining my days to be irritated with our puppy first thing in the morning. I took over another dreaded chore (laundry), we’re all much happier! It’s the little things!! 

  • Peter
He's not only my sweet syrup pie, but also my best friend, my pal, he's my homeboy, my rotten soldier, my sweet cheese, my good time boy