August 1, 2022

🎡 Xmas in July 🎆

A summer annual tradition for Casa Coles:
! Coney Island Friday Night Fireworks

It is without question my favorite night of the year, and involves 8 essential steps: 

1. Getting rocked by a surprisingly wild rollercoaster, The Cyclone. *important* to do this first, before you’ve eaten anything, for Barfy reasons 

2. Indigestion via Nathan’s // Hot Dog + Chili Fries

3. Must stop and appreciate the wildlife 
4. The main event: Fireworks (aftermath pictured)

5. Watching/going on things that go round 

6. Henna

7. Dippin Dots (or mini-melts, in this case 😒)
8. Then cap it off with an ~experiential photobooth~

Undiluted summertime joy 🥲🥲🥲