Cooper LeComp

August 31, 2021

More Avionics for X-Plane: The G500

I'm still hard at work in my role at RealSimGear developing avionics for X-Plane! Earlier this year, the Avidyne Entegra for X-Plane was released as part of the TorqueSim SR20/SR22, as I discussed here. I can finally announce what I've been working on since that was completed: the G500!

BN-2B Islander G500 - 2021-08-19 11.28.26 PM.jpg
The G500 shown in the TorqueSim BN-2B Islander

This project was a massive effort, building on top of the existing Entegra logic I developed previously. Unlike the Entegra, this is designed to work out-of-the-box with any number of potential aircraft, so lots of thought was put into customization. All the V-Speeds on the airspeed tape are easily configured using the menu page of the MFD, for example. Also a feature of the G500 is the waypoint information page, we've got that implemented! Entering any waypoint fix, airport identifier, VOR, NDB, and more will pull up the relevant details on the waypoint.
BN-2B Islander G500 - 2021-08-20 1.26.20 AM.jpg

BN-2B Islander G500 - 2021-08-20 1.33.47 AM.jpg
The G500 shown in the TorqueSim BN-2B Islander
The G500 shown in the Laminar Research Cessna 172SP (default X-Plane aircraft)

The G500 should be releasing in the next few weeks to the public! This should be a great training platform for home users to gain familiarity with avionics before heading out the airport. 

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