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July 22, 2022

Portico Darwin: 187 Minutes And Some Want More?

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Do you know how long 187 minutes is?  Yes, a bit more than 3 hours, but it is also the amount of time that then-President Donald Trump did absolutely nothing on January 6, 2021.  While our Capitol and elected officials and his own VP were under attack, Trump did not call anyone on his National Security team.  You know, like most of us would.  So no call to the Secretary of Defense.  No call to the National Guard.  No call to Homeland Security.  187 minutes. 

But 187 minutes is also how long it apparently took this reader - who will remain anonymous - to dial this up.  It came about that long after I published yesterday's Special Edition.  Heated?  Yes.  Deranged?  Absolutely, positively not.  

Bret Stephens can fuck right off. 

I'm tired of the "economic anxiety" excuse as to why Trump has supporters.  He has supporters because he made them feel it was OK to openly hate anyone who wasn't a straight, white, cis person.  That's it.

"Elites"?  Give me a break.  Trump went to an ivy league school and lived in a gold-plated penthouse in the middle of Manhattan.  But sure, let's hear more about how tired his supporters are of being looked down upon by the "elites".

My issue with those who voted for Trump isn't a political one, but a moral one.  He's the biggest pile of dogshit to ever enter American politics.  He's a scumbag, and he's always been a scumbag.  As a born and raised New Yorker, we've known this since the 70's. 

I haven't read The Economist article yet, but I'm tired of hearing about the Democrats and their "extremes''.  Yeah, fighting for the rights of marginalized communities is truly awful, isn't it?  Moving to the right is exactly what gave us milquetoast presidents like Biden.  Who, by the way, is hamstrung by Manchin and Sinema and a Senate full of GOP Senators who refuse to even dare cross the aisle.  But sure, let's blame the progressive faction of the party for this.

As far as Hogan, Romney, or Cheney go, just fucking no.  I'm tired of these "reasonable" Republicans who still more than likely voted for whatever horrors the Trump administration proposed - 90% of the time. 

(mic drop)

I mostly agree with all of this.  And as a fellow New Yorker, I can confirm Trump has always - ALWAYS - been exactly who you think he is.  He gives us proof every day.


Again:  I will urge all Republicans to stop this madness right now.  Trump and those that attempted to overthrow our government must be indicted, prosecuted, convicted, and ideally, imprisoned.

Or, after the evidence presented by the January 6th Committee, do you still have doubts about what happened?  Still think it was an AntiFa false flag op?  A peaceful protest that got out of hand?  Just a few bad apples?


My friends, this is America.  What Trump did is not the way we do it here.

As one might expect, ray of sunshine Elizabeth "Polly" Michaels had a more upbeat response.  We need it!  And unlike the reader above, she had actually done her homework.

 Thanks for sharing The Economist article, Portico. 100 percent agree.  

Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter.  And have a great weekend.

I have no idea how this band has been overlooked on KLUF for this long.  Who's in charge here? 

Anyhow, here, on my personal favorite of their albums, are The Pretenders and "Learning to Crawl".  Heck, there's even a (great) Christmas song on there!  Christmas in July! 


And here's hoping Time will be The Avenger for Donald Trump and his fellow traitors.

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