Dean Clough

August 31, 2022

Portico Darwin: A Terrible Loss

There is no regular blog today.

Yesterday, I received word that Scott Edwards died of a sudden heart attack, at home late Monday night.  He was 63.  After my own parents and wife, Scott had the biggest impact on me of anyone in my life, which is why I am sharing this here.

Our relationship dates to the summer of 1985, when I went to work in the earliest days of his start-up, Sportnet.  We went on to start a second company together, Epigraphx, in 1992.  In short, it is Scott that taught me what it is to be an entrepreneur, a professional, and to some degree, a man.   

Scott's life was a variety of mostly good and some bad, and that was also true of our relationship.  Although we were not as close as we once were, there are few days when I don't think of him, or at a minimum, benefit from his influence.  Now he's gone - far, far too soon. 

His ex-wife Karen and I (and Julie) are still very close.  Some readers of this have met her.  The depth and range of Karen's emotions now are impossible to imagine, but I know directly the pain she is in. 

We have known Scott and Karen's children - Chris, Nathan, and Jenna - their entire lives and remain close to each of them now.  Each is special, and have a big part of Scott within them.  My heart is completely broken for all of you.

I am also thinking of Scott's father, David; his brother Chris and the extended Edwards family; and his dear friends Serge Karinov and Jerry Rodriguez, among many others.  And Scott's wife, Tammy - this is likely worse for her than anyone.

There is much to say and there are so many emotions about Scott and his passing.  But this is all that matters:  Scott Edwards will never - ever - be forgotten.  By me.  Or anyone else that knew him.


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