Dean Clough

March 18, 2021

Portico Darwin: An Italian St. Patty's Day

It was just a beautiful St. Patrick's Day here yesterday.  Warm and sunny, as you can see below.

While I mostly respect and support the regulatory regime in place for decades to keep the Adirondack State Park primarily a wilderness area, and avoid tourist fiascos like Lake George Village, I just do not understand how a truly world-class destination remains so under-utilized and almost impoverished.  It's crazy how singularly nice and yet how dead (meaning empty storefronts - wow, can I get you a deal on that one, Gunther Strobel!) it is in Tupper Lake and the surrounding towns.   Saranac Lake and Lake Placid may be closing in on Lake George territory, but there's got to be a happy medium for the many small towns, hamlets, and villages that dot this magical part of the United States.
So what does one do on St. Patrick's Day whilst staying in the ADK at Murphy Manor, which of course has a fine chef's kitchen?  Make spaghetti sauce!  Now - as I may have mentioned once or twice, I grew up around a lot of real Italians in Albany, NY.  I had/have vivid memories as a child of being invited over for spaghetti (or rigatoni or shells or whatever) night and of the flavor of the red sauce.  And since then, fellow retiree pal and car collector Mario Tucci (from Wales of all places, but very Italian), and local SF stylist to the stars Ronnie Antonucci have both made me similarly authentic, true Italian red sauces.

Well, I searched and tried many recipes, but it never happened.  Until I found this oneThis recipe, if followed precisely, results in a sauce the equal of what my Italian buddies have produced over the years.  Try it yourself and you'll see.  Julie and I found we prefer mild/sweet Italian sausage to hot, but that's your call.  But I wouldn't suggest any other changes.  Enjoy.

Feedback pouring in from all over the place!  Thank you for paying even a tiny bit of attention to my blog.
  • Close cousin and fellow Murphy family powerbroker Mary Murphy Von Trapp liked my tipsy video of the interior here - as did former Schwab colleague and debate team opponent Lauren Ryder - thanks, ladies.
  • A special shout-out to a new-ish friend of mine and Julie's, the brilliant Dr. Doreen Downs - look, when a retired tenured professor of 20 some years from Cal State says your photos are "gorgeous", you listen!
  • Last but not least was the response that made me the happiest, and that was from data center maven and former TEECOM colleague Cardi A.  He was one of my biggest supporters in trying to change the culture of our team at TEECOM, and without him (and others), my efforts would not have worked.  So him replying to my post about the dangers of overwork was most gratifying.

Actually, another shout-out, but this one to backyard remodeler and gift basket titan Elizabeth Michaels and her boyfriend and fellow Niwot resident Primo Harvey.  Elizabeth suggested for KLUF Radio a wonderful album of Irish songs from The Irish Rovers - wow, did I slam the Guinness when I cranked it here at The Manor!

(Ed. note:  Elizabeth and Primo will be featured prominently in a rapidly approaching series of blog posts from Palm Springs!)

Sticking with cliche, today's album is a special grouping of previously released live tracks by Irish standard-bearer U2.   Have fun and don't eat too much left over corned beef and cabbage (or spaghetti?).

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