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May 12, 2023

Portico Darwin: Arrive Oceanside and Presidential Scorecards


<1 Minute Read + Chart Study Time!
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Super easy trip to San Diego and on to Oceanside.  It is Textbook SoCal May weather - foggy morning followed by perfection.  My hosts are their typical gracious selves.  In fact, it's so nice I am really not noticing the half-finished job on staining the pergola.  And it's easy to ignore from the hot tub.

So happy Friday and enjoy this short, but fact-filled post.

In researching a past topic, I utilized the indispensable website.  I recommend it as a definitive source of reality thus my featuring it here today, and in this fashion. 

And today, in honor of being in oh-so-laid-back Oceanside, I will let it speak for itself and - shocker - add no comments of my own.  What follows is a current scorecard for Papa Joe, and the final scorecards for Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

And for the record, there is incredible depth and analysis about each scorecard at its respective link.

Joe Biden

Donald Trump

Barack Obama
Screenshot 2023-05-08 173726.png

I encourage anyone that questions the voracity of this to review's sources and processes.  They even disclose their financing, including listing donors.

Have a great weekend and to you moms out there:  have a nice Sunday. 


I believe this is rugby for piss off, and it came from the aspiring non-toxin Günther Strobel.  

I knew I shouldn’t have engaged with an Elite on the Right Side of History online.  I will respond over drinks or dinner (“ My Dinner With Portico Darwin” the horror movie) rather than through these digital ejaculations.  'Til then.  Cheers. 

As I replied personally to the young beer bottler:  demeaning these blog posts as digital ejaculations is/was f'ing GOLD.  Wait - is he implying this whole thing is mental masturbation?  Nah . . .

Speaking of which.  That is the only explanation for this, the upcoming Corvette SUV, word of which came from my host for the weekend, Andy Jones, prior to my arrival.

Fun comparison of inflation-adjusted costs!

I hadn’t heard Jag was going all SUV, sad, though following so many others . . .

Let’s hope in 50 years Corvette is making more than just this fugly line

No.  Fucking.  Way.  I am disgusted; at least Porsche had the dignity to call theirs Panamera.  First the Mustang name applied to an electric sedan, and now this.  

But it's not all dark.  Mr. Sunshine, A.K.A. Primo Harvey PhD. weighed in, from the beach.

Hi Portico!  I'm enjoying the newsletter from the shore of beautiful Lake Okoboji.  Just wanted to comment on KLUF today.  IMHO the best ZZ Top music is found on the first three albums, and the best vehicular tune is "Ride My Chevrolet" on Rio Grande Mud.  

Look at Primo go.  A few days at a cottage on a lake and now he's a music expert?  Not apparently, because it would appear Mr. Wonderful got the title a smidge wrong.
Screenshot 2023-05-11 070551.png

But who would be so petty to notice something that trivial?  Oh.

Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter.


True story - I literally discovered this album this morning.  The first morning on a nice run of travel we have coming up.  It is brand new and it is from the jazz guitar master Dominic Miller and the album - wait for it - is entitled Vagabond.  Great title but also - at least on my first listen - a great album.

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