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December 29, 2023

Portico Darwin: Calling 911


 <1 Minute Read (Plus Gawking Time at Porsche Website)

I write about Porsche often, because, well, a guy can fantasize, can't he?  And - in 2024 - it might not even be a dream.   

But if Ol' Purple Label and I ever do that, we'll have to decide which 911 to drive.  And that won't be easy because do you realize that for 2024, Porsche has TWENTY-FIVE 911 variants?  It's true, and for some eye (and wallet) candy for this holiday weekend, here they are.

All 911 Models - Porsche USA

No doubt you're now asking "Well, what's it going to be, Portico?"  There are two answers.  Actually, there are three.

Because first, it's ridiculous to have that many from which to choose.  But, I'll get over it, and so . . .

. . . to drive at Porsche Driving Experience, it would (will?) be the 911 GT3 with Touring Package.  I want a race car experience, in comfort.  Sue me.

And to own?  This would work - SF has perfect weather for a convertible:  not too cold, and equally as important, not too hot.

Idea:  I have about 40 subscribers.  So it would only take $4,000 from each of you to make this happen.

Seems reasonable?

Have a safe New Year's Eve.   We'll be watching from right here in Hoboken and wow do I hope it's clear Sunday night.


While this blog is typically nearly always about me, or my own thoughts about me, today the former GE Capital power broker Lara Mohair gives us something about . . . my wife.

Have been wanting to ask, do people tell Julie that she could be Julianne Moore’s younger sister?  Especially in NYC, where Julianne lives, maybe? 
OMG like every f'ing day we step outside, and not just here:  everywhere. 

But thank you, and it could be worse.

Thank you for reading this newsletter.  


Conveniently, this band hasn't been played on KLUF in 2+ years.  Let's right that wrong with my personally curated selection of the best songs from the seminal Cars.


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