Dean Clough

April 16, 2021

Portico Darwin: Calling On Republicans

Apologies in advance for this one.  It's political and there's no way around it.  But it's also a call for help.  Albeit from poolside in Palm Springs.

America desperately needs a functioning federal government, consisting of at least 2 fact- and reason-based political parties.  Today, we barely have one. 

Consider each of the pressing items on the list below.  Our beloved country needs action on each, and it would be great if each party would present rational, thoughtful, and actionable solutions to each problem.   Perhaps the Democratic approach might be more government-led, while a Republican approach might lean more towards a market-based one.  GREAT!  Please.  Yes.  Give me Gavin Newsom, (D) CA vs. Larry Hogan, (R) MD, and I'm very happy!

But that's not the situation right now.  I'm sorry, but I sincerely and honestly don't know what Republicans truly believe in any more, apart from driving taxes to zero no matter what the impact and "owning the libs".   Where are their proposals for addressing these problems?   This is not a rhetorical question or a wisecrack.  Nor is it in any way a blanket endorsement of what Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, et. al. are proposing.

Because now and in recent times, it seems my Republican friends either deny a problem exists (e.g., climate change), incorrectly blame previous "Democrat" (I hate the Republican secret handshake of never saying "Democratic") policies (e.g., deficits and the debt), distort reality (e.g., "clean coal"), or outright lie (e.g., voter fraud is an actual problem).   

Climate Change
Income Inequality
Systemic Racism
Affordable Housing
Voter Rights
Women's Rights
National Defense
Global Trade
Separation of Church and State/Freedom of Religion

America needs to heal.   We need to stop shouting at each other.  But it has to begin with reality.  If you share with me a cogent, reasoned, and fact-based conservative and/or Republican policy proposal for any of the items above, I promise I will publish what you produce, unedited and without my usual smarmy comments.  Please consider this an honest challenge made in good faith.

Lastly:  if you find this post inflammatory or divisive, I believe that is the core of our problem.  We've lost the ability to rationally discuss and then tackle problems and challenges head-on, together.  I, for one, would like that to change.

Who knew a simple 30th wedding anniversary would stir up so much interest!  Major thanks to all of you that reached out with your kind words, which literally came for all four corners of the globe.  Julie and I are very lucky to have the amazing and thoughtful friends that we do - thank you for your love and friendship over the years.

A couple of special thank-you's to some first-time responders.  The Welsh inveterate traveler Luigi Ferrari and his lovely wife Prudence, checked in from the seaside paradise of Colwyn Bay, Wales.  Back stateside and from the world's best climate, the exotic and wonderful better half of close pal Arthur, Mrs. Crup, sent her congrats along with an update on their beautiful new patio.   Dare we anticipate a fully-vaxxed Meatapalooza 2021 on the new terrace?


Thank you for reading this blog.

An extraordinary album, and certainly one of hope - definitely something we need now - here is the much-missed George Harrison and his solo masterpiece, "All Things Must Pass".

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