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July 12, 2023

Portico Darwin: Depart Houston + Someone Needed a Refresher


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I had a typically pithy piece teed up for today about National Parks, and how they remind me of Houston (!).  I leave in a few hours after a very successful trip, at least in terms of the installation.  You can count on a future article where I sing the praises of the bonkers Monitor Audio Radius 90's, and here's the Sony 85" in the TV Room.  It's on an arm mount so it appears to float in the cabinetry.   A Radius 90 is to the left of the TV.

Despite the good juju, an event occurred last night that was appalling in terms of a complete lack of gratitude.  So I thought it might be useful to link to my original thoughts on the subject.

 Portico Darwin:  October 2 and Gratitude

Not that the offending party would ever read what I write, but at least the rest of us can have a refresher on the importance of being grateful. 

After a fair bit of hard work since Saturday, by both myself and Shelly's son, Leer Jet, a very interested party could not bring himself to say "thank you" at the conclusion of our work.  At the celebratory dinner for it!  Now, that's typical and was zero surprise.   But the rest was a bit much even from the individual in question.

Because instead of a thank you, what was said was "You think what you do is so complex and difficult.  I don't think it's that big a deal."  Pretty rude stuff, in that it indicted not only the work we had just completed at the new condo, but it also felt like a major dump on half of my professional career, the 17 years of Casa Integration.

The great part is this guy won't have to worry about any of this going forward, because he can now sort this shit out himself.  And wow, am I grateful for that!  It was also cool how I kept my cool at dinner and didn't completely lose it, although I did fire off one or two of my death glares afterwards.

For the record, the offending party is most definitely not Dr. Shelly Murphy. 


Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter.


Frankly, I am still pissed off enough that there will be no music today.  Instead, I hope you'll remember the value of simple gratitude - for yourself, and those around you.

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