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July 8, 2022

Portico Darwin: Dollars and Sense

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Breaking Opinion About Breaking News: 
how long will it take after the assassination of Japan's former prime minister Shinzo Abe for a gun cheerleader in America to say "See?  They have the strictest gun laws in the world in Japan, and yet this still happened.  More guns!"

For the record, Japan has about 126 million people, and averages around 10 gun deaths a year.  America has around 330 million people, and had 45,222 gun deaths in 2020.

Rest in peace Shinzo Abe, Japan's longest-serving prime minister.

We will now rejoin our regularly scheduled broadcast.

It is de rigueur (at least for many) to say after every day's multiple mass shootings that "It's the guns". 

Me?  I'm with my man Bobby Reich on this one. 


(For the record, yes, I see Big Tech, Big Law, etc. as equally corrupting influences, and they should be on Mr. Reich's list.)

So, no, it's not the guns.  It's the money.  If you look through the lens of corruption, it is easy to see why America is what it is now:  broken and dysfunctional.  As I've said:  when the global and downstream impacts are considered, the United States is the most corrupt country on Earth. 

If you've been at a cocktail party with me, you've heard this spiel before, but also my proposed solution.  The election campaigns for President/VP, House, and Senate are paid for by taxpayers; federally-funded federal campaigns are the only way out.

Complicated?  Sure.  Almost certainly requires a Constitutional amendment?  Yes. 

But until we get the money out of running the biggest, baddest country the world has ever seen, we are good and truly screwed.

Have a nice weekend!

No, really, have a nice weekend!

When I watch this video, I typically get tears in my eyes.  I find the performance and the heart of this athlete to be something rarely, if ever, seen and beyond powerful.  Here is some stunning video footage; it's best viewed with your device's audio on.

Secretariat - Triple Crown Races

Keep in mind that the records he set in those races in 1973 still stand - nearly 50 years later.


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Here's a band new to me for you to check out over the weekend.  I like their mellow, chill sound - has anyone else heard of this band?  Here are Still Corners and their album "Strange Pleasures".


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