Dean Clough

September 22, 2021

Portico Darwin: Double Feature

As we climb the week together, I thought I'd give you a well-earned break from my typical sturm und drang.  Today, we're going in to the Casa Integration media room in my mind, and screening in vivid meta the best movie of all time, and then, my favorite movie of all time.

And for a special, super-duper break, apart from naming them, I will spare you my personal takes.  Instead, you'll find useful links about each film, including synopses, reviews, and fun behind-the-scenes stuff.  There's also a link for each where you can stream and enjoy either/both now. 

(No time for this fluff because you have a job?  That sounds like a personal problem and regardless:  it's time for my nap.) 

Best Movie of All Time:  "Citizen Kane"
Original "Variety" review in 1941
Roger Ebert on "Kane" at 50 in 1991
TCM's Robert Osborne intro to the movie (YouTube)
Watch it on Amazon Prime

Favorite Movie of All Time:  "North by Northwest"
Original "Hollywood Reporter" review in 1959
Original (and very negative!) "New Yorker" review in 1959
TCM's Ben Mankiewicz intro and outro to the movie (YouTube)
Watch it at The Internet Archive (Free)
Watch it on Amazon Prime

How do these match up with your own picks?  I know there are some real hardcore movie buffs out there amongst my multitude of readers.  Might some offer up "Vertigo" as the best movie, and then "Love Actually" as their favorite?  But why?  Games, must we? 

Seriously:  I'd love to post creative ideas anyone has in these two categories.  You can either just reply to this email, or if you're feeling especially frisky, you can head over to the reader forum and go off.

I'll end on a more serious note, I had my first session last night as a consultant with the Veterans Launching Ventures program, a 9 week crash course aimed at helping veterans realize their entrepreneurial goals.  We have something like 25 veterans that are in various stages of starting a business.  I'll put it this way:  you don't know the words fucking humbled until you sit in on a Zoom with this bunch.  Ask me about Tara Plybon someday - but bring the tissues.   There were two active-duty Navy Chiefs (formally:  Chief Petty Officer) that are starting a business together when they get out; one connected live from his ship in the Persian Gulf.  And a LOT of them had been in combat in either Afghanistan or Iraq.  Or both.  Several times.

And what do you mean we're out of Tawny Port?

The Kinks kausing krazy konniption-fit drug trips for an anonymous reader brought out the dark side from another.  A reader who shall go nameless (OK, it was Byron Browne IV) decided he could summarily trash my entire readership as a bunch of Haight-Ashbury thrill seekers:

"Loved . . . The Kinks story but based on your readership, I doubt anyone would judge (the drug use)."

What, exactly sir, are you trying to imply?  Here's how I see it

Next, it was an exciting morning yesterday indeed when the elusive Dallas Money checked in from God knows where, kindly asking for headphone advice for his perpetual jet-setting.  In fact, it sounds like the migratory Mr. Money (that's two alliterations today!) may be touching down in the Bay Area over the Christmas holiday.  A big toast to that - it's been too long, my friend, and we're jacked to see you.

Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter.

Here's a great soundtrack disc of the theme songs from quite a few James Bond movies.


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