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January 5, 2022

Portico Darwin: Easy Breezy

Today, I will be lazy.  Just a few random notes, although I do have a Special Edition coming tomorrow.

2021 Darwin Awards Are This Saturday, January 8!
The countdown has begun and the energy is palpable.  If you are reading this, you are invited, as are your friends and other assorted hangers-on.  I'll be there early, but please try to arrive by noon.  It's at El Polin Spring in San Francisco's Presidio.

Google Map for El Polin Spring

(As in my original invite, this is just a winter picnic, no more or no less.  I hope you'll join us and won't be saddened to see the party has zero to do with me or this newsletter.  We'll have some to share, but please bring some snacks and your beverages of choice, if it's convenient.)

A special note to you suburbanites:  there is a great, free and non-stop shuttle from Embarcadero BART to a stop within The Presidio that's a nice 10 - 15 minute walk from El Polin Spring.  Yes, on Saturday and there are return rides, too.

Presidigo Shuttle Schedule

OK, now back to me.  Phew. 

Travel Guide Published
For your convenience, I've compiled all of this year's Travel Guides into one spot.  I actually try to make them useful, so you might want to take a look.  Holy shit, did we go to a lot of places.

The Portico Darwin Travel Guide 2021

And not to worry - you can always find a link to Travel Guide 2021 in School at the Portico Darwin website should you somehow misplace this newsletter.

Los Angeles Photos
And in a final flourish of self-absorption, here are the curated photos from our superb and eventful Christmas trip to LA.  That flat tire was scary but ended well, if expensively.

That's it for today, but don't worry:  there's one more nibble of narcissism coming to wrap 2021.  It's a spare-no-expense film I'm finishing entitled "2021 in Snapshots and Music".  Look for it starting Friday on your favorite streaming platform, or if for some strange reason you can't find it there, I'll be posting a link here.

The final word on Wilco.  I wonder if she's a reader of this newsletter? 


Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter.

A winter picnic with amazing friends in a national park that's near our house?  A travel year of which I never even dreamed?  And a trip just now with my wife to Beverly Hills over Christmas? 

Here is Emerson, Lake & Palmer on their eponymous debut album, which is also their least bloated and most accessible.  Maybe you can figure out why I am recommending it today?  A hint, and 10 seconds of seriousness:  song 6.



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