Dean Clough

March 24, 2021

Portico Darwin: Guns

It's awful that the next sentence is a cliché' now.  In the wake of yet another tragic mass shooting in the United States . . . I decided to post something that I've mentioned to some of you over the years. 

It is my proposal for somehow getting a grip on the gun plague in America.

  1. Guns are dangerous - even the most ardent gun enthusiast will acknowledge that
  2. Cars are also dangerous
  3. So guns should thus be treated like cars:
  • The gun needs to be registered - just like a car
  • You need to be licensed to operate a gun - just like a car
  • The gun needs to be insured for the potential damage it can inflict - just like a car

Just like a car, there'd be no limits on how many guns you can own.  But just like a car, there would be real consequences if you are found to possess a gun that's not registered and insured, and/or you don't have a license to operate it.   

Would the insurance be expensive?  I don't know, but can't we let the market decide?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.  

P.S.  Stephen Colbert said the exact same thing about guns and cars last night on his show

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