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June 2, 2023

Portico Darwin: It Could Happen to Anyone


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As I've mentioned maybe once or twice, I begin most days when we're home with a 5 mile walk in my beloved Presidio.  It keeps both me relatively healthy and sane.  Right?  Right???

But I digress because this is mostly a serious post, as it begins with a tragic death.  This past Wednesday, I was on my walk, saw this memorial, and snapped a sad photo.  For you locals, this is on Arguello, near Inspiration Point.

I had read about this elsewhere already, but seeing the memorial in person was moving. 

But do you know what?  I feel I could die on my morning walks.  And at the hands (shaved legs?) of these same (occasionally) self-righteous cyclists.  WHAT?  I mean it, and here's why. 

Where I walk is a paradise and an amalgam of routes perfect for self-important cranky walkers and buff cyclists alike.  It is a national treasure and the more the merrier, of course.

Except when I almost die.

I would say that on 10 - 20% of my walks, I am nearly grazed by a cyclist, going way way way too fast.  I am talking a little bit after sunrise in a National Park where it's just me and the coyotes - I will turn a corner and WHOOSH - some Lycra-clad douche blows through at 30 - 40 MPH.  Trust me - it's been close enough that the image of my pelvis being shattered into smithereens was a bit too vivid.

Indeed, I've had that experience multiple times at each of these locations.
Presidido Walking Risk.jpg

So - as we mourn our fallen bicycle riders and work together for places designed for people, not cars - let us remember it is not only cyclists in danger out there. 

Now:  get off my lawn, and go to a fucking velodrome if you want to race your bike.  

And have a great weekend.


What a great moment to pump my AI Gallery!  A reminder that I add new creations to it regularly.  


Let's turn biking frowns upside down with Katrina and The Waves and their diabetes-inducing song "Walking on Sunshine".  Here, you might need this.

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