Dean Clough

June 3, 2024

Portico Darwin: It's Time for Republicans to Grow Up


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Sorry to do this on a Monday.  While I've done an OK job tamping down most of my feverish political rants for almost two years now, I've about fucking had it.  You either believe in America and its system of laws and norms, or you do not. 

So seeing many leading Republicans demean our courts and the outcome of a fair trial, one that found Donald Trump guilty on 34 felony counts, is vulgar and wrong.

It is also unpatriotic and very corrosive.  There is zero evidence of Biden or anyone else interfering with this case.  Do you not think we would have heard about it if there had been interference?  Chipping away at the credibility of vital institutions is Fascism 101, and the Republicans seem to be holding the chisel for Trump. 

8 years ago, the chants were to "Lock her up."  Trump and his zealots openly called for imprisoning his political rival Hillary Clinton for the supposed crimes she committed, like having a private email server.  Fine. 

But Trump then won, and why didn't he direct his Justice Department to move forward with indictments against Hillary?  Trump and many other Republicans said she had done a lot of criminal things.  Crooked Hillary I think was the term used? 

He didn't, because he couldn't, because there were no crimes, or at least none that could be prosecuted.  Was the system corrupt then?  But wasn't Trump in charge? 

Heck, the Republicans really believed in the law when they impeached Bill Clinton for lying about receiving oral sex from a willing intern.  Remember those days?  Didn't Republicans vilify Clinton for . . . having an extra-marital affair with Stormy Daniels Monica Lewinsky?

Now?  The whole thing is somehow even more disgusting, because of for whom the Republicans are bending over.  I will not list Trump's failures as a man and person, but rather ask anyone still supportive of him and perhaps questioning the voracity of the guilty verdict:  

  1. Is Donald Trump a person you wish to emulate personally?  
  2. Would you like your children to have most or all of the qualities Trump exhibits?
  3. Do you have close friends who are like Trump?


  1. Could a guilty verdict in any court of law against Donald Trump ever be legitimate?
  2. If he were to lose the 2024 election, could you ever consider the result valid?
  3. Are there any state and federal government employees who are honest and unbiased politically in doing their jobs?

10 Seconds of Seriousness:  Frankly, this whole fucking thing is serious, and I remain beyond incredulous that the Republicans won't do the right thing for the country AND THEMSELVES:  Dump this convicted felon into history's sewer where he belongs. 

(Note to Republicans:  Any normal Republican would have won this election in a landslide.) 

Yet here we are.  Trump is hideous.  He is a hideous American and a hideous person. 

And there is absolutely nothing elitist or woke or communist or hectoring or socialist or San Franciscan about that statement.  No, it is a fact, obvious to any grown-up, and one now proven in a court of law. 

Believing that Biden or his policies are in some way as bad or as damaging to America as Trump has no basis in reality:  They are not comparable, regardless of your opinion of the Democratic party and its beliefs.

Republicans and conservatives:  Remember when character mattered?  You were the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan; do you really want the indelible stain of Donald Trump on them, too?

Have a great week.


Major gratitude to Charles Clough, Lara Mohair, and especially Randy Shmee for their extraordinarily kind remarks about my Panic Attack post.

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I watched an appalling segment yesterday on CBS Sunday Morning, where Ted Koppel went to a Trump rally and interviewed some attendees.  Plenty were already calling for civil war should he lose in November.  Does that seem right or patriotic to you?  Me neither.   

But at KLUF, we are ready for them.  Because we have Space Gun from Guided By Voices.   

OK, it's not a weapon but it's still one of my favorite rock albums of them all. 

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