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January 22, 2024

Portico Darwin: More Than 10 Seconds of Seriousness



<1 Minute Read + 3 Hours of Podcasts

I know I've been heavy on the politics recently, and I apologize.  Sadly, our week begins with a continuation, and worse, today I cover Israel, Islam, Hamas, Gaza, and more. 

But it's not what you think.  What follows aren't my opinions or thoughts; instead, I am sharing 4 podcasts with hosts and guests that succeeded in helping me better understand the many dimensions of the situation.

I share them here in the hope they do the same for you.

The people doing the talking - both hosts and guests - are eminently reasonable, eminently respectable, and also, all Jewish.  This is important to remember, as there is plenty of criticism of Israeli policy, especially that of the thug Binyamin Netanyahu. But I doubt you'll find 4 bigger supporters of the country itself.

Those spending the ~ 3 hours listening to these gentlemen will be better informed, of course, but entertained, too.  And moved.  Also, stunned:  We could have peace in the region literally tomorrow - the last podcast explains how

Here are Ezra Klein, Sam Harris, Rabbi David Wolpe, and Thomas Friedman.  Note you should not need any special podcast software or a subscription to listen to any of these. 

Ezra Klein's Reaction in the Aftermath of 7 October (15 Minutes)

Sam Harris on Islamophobia (12 Minutes)

Sam Harris and Rabbi David Wolpe on Antisemitism (1 Hour and 17 Minutes)

Ezra Klein and Thomas Friedman on Why the War in Gaza Must End  (1 Hour and 8 Minutes)


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This speaks for itself, and since it's just one song, it's attached.  The song is the late Chris Cornell - arguably the greatest vocalist in hard rock history - performing live in Sweden the Elvis Costello masterpiece "Peace, Love, and Understanding."

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