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March 5, 2021

Portico Darwin: Plans To Enjoy Life

Portico Darwin is back - subscribe at the bottom of this message to my new blog to get the latest on gear, books, music, travel, dining, intoxicants, recipes, and current events.  Anything political will be reason-, fact-, and evidence-backed. 

Every few days, I'll be posting something that caught my eye or ear or more.  My ego gone wild?  Perhaps.  But I bet it won't be boring and it may even be informative.  No algorithms.  No rage.  And there's no way for me to see who's subscribing or not - so no hurt feelings if you ignore me!

Feedback?  Just hit reply and have at it.  I'll take the best (smartest-ass?) comments and post them right here.


Here's an example of what to expect from my blog.

Up until a few days ago, and despite being a music obsessive, I'd never heard of Santana's October 1972 album, "Caravanserai".   This album, which is mostly instrumental and mostly killer, is their 4th album and is textbook fusion (that's two Portico Darwin ratings in one sentence!).  Rock, jazz, Latin - it's all there.  Thank you to one-half of the Jax Deuce for this great article on the album.

P.S. In order to boost interest, every post I make will include a link for a free high-resolution music download from the massive Portico Darwin-curated library at KLUF.   At times, I'll try to have some kind of connection between my blog post and the music download.  Like maybe I'll ramble on about "The Great Gatsby" in the blog, and then I'll have a link for Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of The Moon" - which has the song "Money".  CLEVER, right!

But this time, here's the Santana masterpiece, "Caravanserai"


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