Dean Clough

June 28, 2021

Portico Darwin Special Coverage: The Big Lie

If you remain concerned that there were nefarious activities by the Democratic party or anyone to steal the 2021 election for Joe Biden, I urge, no beg, you to read this article, published at The Atlantic's website yesterday.   I read it last night, and thought it so important, I almost sent it then.  Here is the link, and a PDF of the article in case you run into a paywall.

Bill Barr and 2021 Election.pdf
Bill Barr and 2021 Election.pdf 1.97 MB

The article is by Jonathan Karl, a senior reporter with ABC News.  Trump's Attorney General, William Barr, the point man in his Big Lie efforts, is quoted early and often and in ways that leaves little doubt about what went on.  These quotes come from several direct and on-the-record interviews that Karl conducted with Barr.   As you'll see, his quotes and recollection of the events are also fully corroborated by several people also present.

But what really tipped the scales in terms of sending this special coverage was Heather Cox Richardson's blog post on the same topic this morning.  As always, both her take on the story, and the historical context she uniquely can provide, is perfect.

June 27, 2021 - Letters from an American (

(Disclaimer:  Richardson is a historical scholar and a professor of history at Boston College.  To me, "educator" is a category apart from "journalist" or "entertainer"?  It's a tough one, though.  But Jonathan Karl is a tip-top journalist, by anybody's definition.)

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