Dean Clough

June 19, 2022

Portico Darwin: Special Father's Day Edition

I am thinking of the new fathers out there, specifically, Andy Jones in San Diego and Alden Michaels in Steamboat Springs.  Enjoy yourselves - like my own father is here.  Happy Father's Day, Andy and Alden.


But also to Cardi A, Gunther Strobel, Bulleit Bob, Charles Clough, Foster Shula,  Ned "Upstate" Darwin, Harrison Heinz (50th anniversary, too!), Jay Howling, George Valiant Walker, Dimitri Sightwell, Dr. Davis Fladgate, Steven Simon, Bruce Rosenberg, Rex Murphy, Primo Harvey PhD., Joe Fowler, Marty Siena, Bob Scarf, Devin Singh PhD., Shane Von Trapp, Randy Clough, Neumann Michaels, Champ Hustler, Seamus Murphy, Peet Krakow, and  Turner Murphy. 

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