Dean Clough

March 5, 2021

Portico Darwin: The Rating System

Obnoxious?  Yes.  Of course, you could always start your own blog and use your own rating system . . .

You can count on seeing these often.  About hotels.  Headphones.  National Parks.  Maybe even the occasional scoundrel.  I've given examples!

Diamond Certified:  typically a travel and occasionally, a restaurant or gear, rating.  It is the pinnacle - and it might not even be expensive.  But it might be.   

Textbook:  a general purpose rating.  It is the pinnacle of old-school.

Chamber of Commerce:  a weather or scene rating.  It is the archetype.

Killer:  typically a concert or entertainment rating, but can also be used in a general purpose fashion to describe something that is non-old-school Textbook 

Serviceable:  a general purpose rating.  Synonym:  "meh"

Faux:  a general purpose rating.  A fake representation of something, and that something is typically Textbook.  Something Faux can be Serviceable, but nothing more.

Bogus:  a general purpose rating.  Something that shouldn't be.

For this post's music blog post, I give you "Summer Wind", by Frank Sinatra.  Textbook, indeed.

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