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September 1, 2023

Portico Darwin: The Rock Albums


1 Minute Read (+ endless hours of listening)
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So many have asked (actually, absolutely nobody has asked), "Portico, what rock albums have meant the most to you?  Not necessarily your opinion on the best, but what albums could you not shut up about, upon discovery?"

Here they are.  This is not my list of the greatest albums of all time (after all, there's no Uncle Tupelo nor Gin Blossoms to be found), or even my favorites, although that is closer to the concept here.  So, while there are certainly some all-timers below, that's not the point.

No, these are records that signify even more to me, if that's possible.  In fact, if we're close, it's extremely likely you've been on the receiving end of some or even most of these.  These were often albums that made permanent my love of a particular artist.  And - shocker - the only performers with multiple appearances are Stevie Wonder, Rush, and Guided by Voices.  I am actually proud of that.

OK, here we go.  And if you find this all too much, you could always stop reading this now and start learning a second language instead.  Or at least straighten your sock drawer.

Otherwise, what follows could provide some music ideas for your long weekend.  
Every album above is in the playlist below - I hope you'll give a listen to something with which you're not familiar.  You just might enjoy it.

Stay safe and have a great holiday.


Actually, here's something else for your weekend:  can you top this?

Wordle 802 1/6

As I may have mentioned, I use the same opening word every day, and on Wednesday it hit.  I am off to the racetrack and I do hope Julie doesn't mind me gambling just a bit of our nest egg.  I mean, with luck like I had in Wordle, what could go wrong?

Thank you for reading this newsletter.  


On both TIDAL and Spotify, here is KLUF:  The Rock Albums.  A list of its contents follows.


There are 60 albums, 699 songs, and over two full days of music - but that still leaves time this long weekend to tackle that sock drawer.

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