Dean Clough

March 24, 2021

Portico Darwin: Voices Inside My Head

I'd like to share with you some of the podcasts to which I listen regularly.  These brilliant people make me a bit smarter and/or less crazy (or at least I like to tell myself) with every listen.  And they make my exercise routine (daily 4-5 mile walks) much more enjoyable.  Here they are.

Kara Swisher and her influential podcast, "Sway"
Scott Galloway and his podcast, "The Prof G Show" (my hero, Scott Galloway!)
And the two of them together on their always-great "Pivot"
Ezra Klein and his creatively titled "The Ezra Klein Show"
Sam Harris and his all-encompassing and mind-blowing "Making Sense"
Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen and their amazing "Renegades:  Born in the USA" (thanks, Steven Simon)
Adam Conover and his cut-the-BS tour de force "Factually!"
Paul Colaianni and his very helpful mental health podcast "The Overwhelmed Brain"

Dr. Doreen Downs attested to her 5-Star Doreen moniker by informing me she was sitting down and enjoying "Abbey Road"  - rock on, but try to not go too wild during side 2, Dr. Downs!

And this from the rapidly ascending Nicki Vale, "I'm enjoying your blog!"  Concise and to the point - I like that.  To that I replied with this stunner from Monday night outside The Manor:


Lastly, and from the famous artist who's getting entirely too much press in these pages, comes this tale.  I am a descendant of a member of a 16th century band of merry men (or perhaps "thugs")?  Seems about right . . .

Keep those cards and letters coming!

Because nothing says "voices inside my head" like this album, today, I give you Radiohead's raw-nerve "OK Computer".

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