Collin Donnell

April 28, 2021

Other people's domains

The whole Basecamp policy change controversy has got me thinking about whether I want to continue using HEY World for blogging. Not because I specifically agree or disagree with what happened or how it's been handled — it seems complicated and commenting on it specifically is out of scope for this post — but because regardless of anything, this has got me thinking a lot about blogging from a domain I don't own that is associated with a company that might do anything.

To quote Jason,
Today's social and political waters are especially choppy. Sensitivities are at 11, and every discussion remotely related to politics, advocacy, or society at large quickly spins away from pleasant. You shouldn't have to wonder if staying out of it means you're complicit, or wading into it means you're a target.

So that's my question. Is using HEY World or sending mail from a address now seen as a political statement by some people? Will using those things be seen as a political statement? Will some people consider me complicit in whatever Basecamp does by using their service? 

If this blog were from my own domain, that would be a lot less of a question.

I can use my own domain now on HEY through SMTP or HEY for Domains, but after several months of the service with only the option of a address, I'm not excited to switch everything over. The answer here is that blogging from someone else's domain is fraught.

I am not entirely sure what I will do yet, but I am definitely considering my options.