Collin Donnell

April 22, 2021

Thinking about health and lifestyle in 2021

The last time I lived in Portland full-time, before now, was 2014. Almost exactly seven years ago. The period between me moving here and leaving is absolutely the best shape I've been in. I didn't own a car, and so for the most part, I rode my bike or walked to get anywhere I had to go.

When I left Portland for San Francisco, I started to gain some weight. I still walked a lot, but with the hills, biking went out the window.  I also was practicing Aikido quite a lot at this time, and that helped me stay in shape as well.

When I got to Seattle, I still walked a lot, but it's a lot harder to get around there with just public transit and walking as I had before. I ended up — finally — getting a car in 2018, but still walked whenever it was feasible.

Silicon Valley? That was a shit show. I biked some when I was in Cupertino, but there was nothing to walk to, and once I moved to Campbell, biking went down too. And then the pandemic happened. I'm not pleased with where things are at. I don't care about weight so much as a number, but I do want to feel like I'm taking care of myself.

Now I'm back in Portland. I do have a car, but my thought is, as much as I can, I should pretend I don't. The two big differences between when I lived here before and was in great shape and now when I'm in less great shape is how I get around, and that I'm seven years older. I can't really do anything about the latter thing, so I'll ignore it.

My idea is not to come up with a diet plan or hit XYZ goals every day. My plan is only that it's reasonable to do what I need to do via human-powered transportation, I'm going to choose that more of the time.

Oh, and yoga. Apple Fitness+ is pretty cool for that, so I'm going to try and keep up with it a few days a week. Plus my new office looks like a small yoga studio already and has plenty of room.