Dan Leitão

March 11, 2021

Here Goes Nothing

I wanted to write/send/post a post/article/email to my new blog since before I even had access to it.

I saw Jason (I love referring to someone as if I know them even though I don't) first tease about it when he posted, "Hey, World!"

For now, this remains an experiment. I've got my own HEY World blog, and David has his. We're going to play for a while. And, if there's demand, we'll roll this out to anyone with a personal @hey.com account. It feels like Web 1.0 again in all the right ways. And it's about time.

When I read this, I loved the idea that this would not have a demand. It was a classic take my money already....to which I realised they already had my money.

For the last few weeks, I have been following Jason Fried and David (He will always be DHH to me) as they have been writing on HEY World. The one thing I have found genuinely intriguing about it is how powerful and enjoyable reading relatively short blog posts can be.

The approach of writing an email and sending it to the world makes you realise that you can write your thoughts down and share them quickly but in a more meaningful way then if you tried to do so on Twitter.

My plan had been to go to sleep, so I figured instead I would get this first HEY World post out of the way. For now, writing on HEY World remains an experiment. I'll play for a while, and if there's demand, I'll keep writing on it.