Dara Songye

December 4, 2022

Winners | Intro

Between late April and October of this year I chose to live in a number of Airbnbs on a painful, fluctuating budget, instead of moving back to live with family, or staying in a shelter.

The only option I decided to activate was to endure and move through this challenge of temporarily being "homeless". [I'll dive deeper into this fractured, limiting perception of "home" in a near-future writing.]

There were a number of lessons I had to learn and immediately master, before being able to secure a new home. [Which I did at the start of November, in deep gratitude!] Some lessons were second-round insights I had to revisit from earlier life experiences. Other insights were fresh – unique to this year and season of pressurizing inner growth.

Over the next few emails I'll share these lessons in newsletter long-form. I'm gifting them to help you rip off the fear band-aid concerning your views around "effing up", "losing", and [repeat] "failure."

We don't get to choose the [swiftest] path to increase of insight, benefit, and blessing in our life.

God alone controls that pathway.

We do have full authority and decision-making power over how we'll navigate the journey, who we will listen to or ignore, how we will respond, when we decide to follow the callings on our life to shift patterns and behaviors that destroy our direct experience of glory and joy, what now matters most to us, and where we next land.

This past spring through early fall was a quiet, aggressively accelerated time of revelation for me. I don't want what was gifted to go to waste. I'd love for you to sign up to receive Part 1 on Winners later this week. 

Consider this the kick-off to a season of deeper work we'll do together, in word-gift form.

Until then,