David Harting

June 10, 2021

Why our household is carbon neutral 💚

I think about the climate crisis a lot. I ruminate, I feed my anxieties. But these aren’t unrealistic anxieties. This is an existential threat to humanity. I like affordable food and reliable access to water, for instance. And I hope we still have those in 20 years.

The climate crisis is a systems problem. A handful of companies are responsible for an obscene amount of the worlds emissions. If governments would create and enforce regulations, that could be enough. 

Just because this is a systems problem does not abdicate me from personal responsibility! 

I don’t feel guilty about my personal climate impact. I don’t waste time doing deep research on every purchase.

But it is important to me for my actions to align with my values. I eat less meat, I drive an electric vehicle, and I purchase carbon offsets.

This isn’t just about finding a way for me to be able to sleep at night.

Systems can change from the ground up. We clean up after ourselves as we continue to demand systemic changes.